Video for City and Spectacle: A Vision of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon

Presentation video for the City and Spectacle: A Vision of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon virtual archeology project, which is implementing a possible representation of the Baroque Lisbon of 1755 just before the earthquake destroyed it.

The technology used is Second Life/OpenSimulator and the research project will allow visitors to be immersed in the virtual environment and participate in interactive historical events with other users across the world, simultaneously and in real time.

This project is integrated in the “Connecting Cities” framework of the CHAIA research centre.

Research Team

  • Maria Alexandra Gago da Câmara (Art Historian, Open University, CHAIA)
  • Maria Helena Murteira (Art Historian, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, CHAIA)
  • Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues (Art Historian, University of Evora, CHAIA)

Production Team

  • Silvana Moreira (Modeler, Beta Technologies)
  • Luís Miguel Sequeira (System Administrator, Beta Technologies)

Video Production

  • Jeff Bush (Producer, Beta Technologies)
  • Michael Sudyn (Editor, Flying Dreams Inc.)
  • Phil Lee (Narration, CityVox)


  • Beta Technologies
  • King’s Visualisation Lab (King’s College)