Visit Lisbon 1755 in a virtual world

Vista aérea com legendas

Visit Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake on the Kitely virtual world!

CHAIA and Beta Technologies are proudly announcing the general availability of the 3D models of this project, which can now be freely visited on a virtual world compatible with a Second Life® viewer at

Instructions for registration, installation and configuration are available on Kitely’s page linked above: just press on the “Enter World” button to follow the procedure.

The above map is your reference to identify the modelled buildings and areas.

Thank you for your visit!

Until recently, budget constraints limited access to the models to the team of researchers and Beta Technologies employees, which have been in development in a private OpenSimulator grid. Thanks to Kitely, the biggest commercial provider of OpenSim regions, virtual worlds can now be used as an affordable on-demand utility. Kitely has been used for training, education, collaboration, simulations, art exhibitions, machinima creation, theatrical performances, role playing, information centers, book promotions, 3D design, and entertainment activities. It was therefore the perfect choice for finally making this historic recreation project accessible to a wide audience.