Image Gallery

These images are an initial sketch of the Royal Palace, Royal Garden, Clock Tower, Opera House and Patriarchal Piazza. Location: western side of the Palace Courtyard.

Detail modelling has been made with regard to the Garden, Clock Tower, Opera House exterior walls and Patriarchal Piazza (added September 11, 2009 and changed May 2010, July 2010 and May 2012).

On October 2012, the area known as “Ribeira das Naus” was added, and the Eirado da Casa da Índia was completely remodelled. The Capela Pateo was changed, and the military fortification at the Palace Courtyard was added. Some interiors were added for the Terzi Tower, the Opera House, the warehouses at “Ribeira das Naus”, and the Patriarchal Palace, some of which can now be visited. New block models were added for the areas currently in development, namely the Corte-Real Palace.